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What to Expect From This Webinar?

Wonder how to do a Facebook or Google Ad that generates leads with phone numbers?

Listings-to-Leads takes the guess work out of it!

We give you over 70 ad templates & funnels that generate buyer leads for as low as 50 cents and seller leads for as low as $3.00. ALL with phone numbers!

In as little as 1 click!

1 click in under 30 seconds and your ad is launched!

BONUS 1: Learn how to put your Facebook & Instagram ads in front of homeowners most likely to sell!

BONUS 2: How to better qualify your seller leads automatically!

If you have been wasting your ad budget on low performing ads with low intent leads, then this webinar is for you!

You will learn how to easily get your ads in front of homeowners most likely to sell and get more information from them to help you know who is serious about selling and who is not!

Financial Goals Calculator for Real Estate Agents

How many leads do I need to generate and convert to meet my financial goals?

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What we help with

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Facebook & Instagram Ads in Seconds

Learn how to create Facebook lead ads in 10 seconds and get name, email, AND PHONE NUMBERS!

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Get More Listings

Learn the top tool for getting Listings and how to use it to grow your business and your brand.

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Database & Sphere of Influence: Get Business

Learn how to get the people closest to you to start doing business with you regardless of your experience.

Our Goal

Our goal & purpose here at Listings-To-Leads is to grow your business with more ease and less stress. You don’t have to do this alone!

We are standing by ready to help you create the business you have always wanted.

Meet the Experts – Scott and Vince

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Scott Pierce, Founder & CEO @listingstoleads

Graduated with a Master’s degree in marketing and with more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and technology working for major Silicon Valley firms like Apple, Intel & Oracle AND selling houses on the field for major real estate companies. Scott used that knowledge to develop Listings-to-Leads strategies and tactics and teach them successfully to tens of thousands of agents.

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Vincent Meza, Vice-President of Sales @listingstoleads

With a background in Finance, Vincent was Director of US & European Venture Capital and Private Equity Sales and worked with major players like Morgan Stanley. He heads up the brokerage sales program @listingstoleads. Vincent helped thousands of real estate brokers increase agent production with advertising, lead gen software, and automation.

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